A Mammoth of a Groundwater Application

Mammoth Lakes is a resort town nestled in the Sierra Mountain Range in North Eastern California. Known for winter and summer tourist activities, the town experiences a high seasonal demand on its water resources during tourist influxes. The towns’ drinking water resources consist of nine wells, and fresh water from Lake Mary, which is situated […]

Sonic-Pro® S3 Flowmeter Helps Maintain ‘Food to Microorganisim’ Balance in Return Activated Sludge Line

Selecting the Right Metering Pump

A search for technology to increase system accuracy, reduce maintenance costs, and enhance an advanced SCADA system led a Rancho Cucamonga, Calif., utility to replace its diaphragm-type pumps and gas–chlorine injection system with peristaltic pumps. BY Bill McDowell Built in 1989, the 60-mgd Lloyd Michael Treatment Plant(LMTP) in Rancho Cucamonga,Calif., treats raw water from the […]

Flowmeter Versatility

Hybrid ultrasonic flowmeters support a Key West treatment plant’s performance By Gary Rose Water & Wastes Digest Magazine – December 2009 The Florida Keys have long been known for exotic islands, pristine snorkeling, artistic charm and a magnificent coral reef. Maintaining the quality of the seawater surrounding the Keys is essential to the allure and economic viability of the area. Key West, Fla.’s, southernmost wastewater treatment […]